Date Harvest Festival - November 9, 2019 noon-10pm

rancho las flores event venue • Van Buren and & 48th • Coachella, CA



People have called us crazy since the day we said we wanted to throw another festival in the valley known for festivals. But when you are as passionate as we are about introducing people to dates, you throw caution to the wind and go for it.  

What to expect

Spend the day in the open air venue eating the best of the best festival food, sampling dates that you’ve never heard of and enjoying a full day of culinary and musical entertainment. 

Your ticket gets you grass seating for all bands as well as a ferris wheel, family zone with tractors to climb on and a day of entertainment and fun for the whole family.  


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Thanks to everyone for an amazing 1st year! We will see you in 2020! And a special shout out to @deserthousemedia for the amazing video and pictures of the event! #dateharvestfest #datesaregreat #dates #medjooldates #cagrown #festivals #californiagrown #californiadates @datesaregreat @aartipaartipics @urpmusic @offendum @jennyandthemexicats @chefstuartokeeffe @gatherandgrazeusa @palmspringstrio @palmspringslifemagazine @alphamediausa @foodnetwork @laquintabrewing @cityofcoachella @thetadros @solafidephotography @cvstrategies @aziz.farms @justdatesyrup @hadleydategardens @queen_scheherazade @coachella_jacinto @coachellamayor @desertsun @nbcpalmsprings @itscactushugs @gudino_nephew @newleafcatering ...

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We know you'll be putting dates in your stuffing and desserts but if your turkey is still frozen, you lose the whole meal. #friendlyreminder Reposted from @heygrillhey (@get_regrann) - Don’t find yourself with a frozen bird this Thanksgiving! Take note of when to move that turkey from freezer to fridge to be ready to cook on the 28th! 🦃 Move it over a day sooner if you plan to brine. Share this post with everyone who needs a reminder!👏🏾 - #regrann ...

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Reposted from @datesaregreat (@get_regrann) - Celebrating a vegan Thanksgiving? How about a vegan California Date and Pecan Pie from @piesandtacos! You’ll find the recipe and step by step instructions at #californiadates #dates #organicdates #datefruit #dateharvestfest #coachellavalleydates #californiagrown #bestdateever #bestdates #lookingforadate #daterecipes #eatgoodfood #healthyfoody - #regrann ...

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I usually use all natural almond butter, but peanut butter is just as tasty. This week it's Pomegranate arils instead of chocolate. What do you stuff your dates with? Reposted from @healthyalways (@get_regrann) - Forever a favourite🍫🤤 Medjool date stuffed with peanut butter, a square or two of dark chocolate and a pinch of sea salt. Snickers in a mouthful - these are great as an afternoon sweet treat or dessert. To make slice the date length ways with a sharp knife, pull open the flesh and discard the inner pip. Dollop in a teaspoon of any kind of nut butter (peanut, almond, hazelnut, even seed butter like tahini too!) and any chocolate, but I think the slight bitterness of dark works well with the super sweet date. The variety of dates called medjool work best here - they’re big, chewy, sticky, sweet and kind of toffee-like. Unlike other varieties of dates we sell in NZ these can be found chilled in the fresh produce section rather than the dried fruit aisle at the supermarket. #dessertidea #yum #medjooldates #medjool #snickers #peanutbutter - #regrann ...

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